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a timeless icon: a collection of images that portray diana spencer. not the official, posted snapshots, but pictures taken from afar, with diana barely even noticing. while she crosses the street, gets off a car in new york, walks the red carpet at the met, in the backstage with luciano pavarotti, on her official visits to italy and australia. photographs that grasp the instinctive beauty of a woman who was undoubtedly a wonderful lady.

it was the nineties. a time whose fashion now seems a faded memory to us: and yet, by diana’s grace, the images speak of a contemporary aesthetic appeal that suits our modern sobriety. the graphic color pairs, the huge geometric shapes on her shoulders, the haircuts — in spite of these references that are easily fit into a time past, lady diana is still today a symbol of a graceful simplicity that wins a smile on any woman’s face. diana often held her chin slightly lowered, a familiar, endearing pose (a high chin points to the opposite, to cold, reserved distance) that warms the heart, friendly, conversations spoken in a soft tone. she had a solemn way of walking that seemed submissive but determined, shedding veils of transparent shyness and fragility that made room for an iron-forged soul.

diana will forever remain an icon of that kindness that only the best of women show in their gestures. in 1997, in huambo, in central angola, on a mine defusing campaign — with her head and face protected by a bulletproof helmet. at the live aid in london, on stage with david bowie. dressed in red at the claridge’s in london in 1989. diana used light blue eyeliner to contour her eyes. one night, in melbourne, she wore a necklace of diamonds with a band on her forehead (newspapers claimed due to a neck sore) and that image is sculpted in history. and again, at the white house, dancing with john travolta: a sensationally famous picture that in the instant of a turnabout unfolds the tale of an entire age. the diamonds, the music and crowns: a waltz of dreams.

Carlo Mazzoni


lady diana was an example of great humanity and generosity: a person who used her fame and charm to achieve specific goals on a grand scale, in both social and humanitarian fields. a woman beloved by the people, an authentic personality who, regardless of her demanding role in life, never sacrificed her style. a style which over the years became unmistakable and for which she was as loved as much as she was for her personality. a woman who was a symbol of quality, virtue, intelligence and beauty: an icon today as much as yesterday.

it is with great enthusiasm that tod’s has agreed to sponsor electa’s excellent project, distinguished by shared values and style.


a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to clic sargent.

malcolm sargent cancer fund for children is a charity founded by sylvia darley that has been supporting children affected by cancer since 1968. in 1981, after the wedding of her royal highness, princess diana, to the heir to the british throne, prince charles, sylvia darley asked her to become the “godmother” of the foundation. the
charity was one of the first ever to be sponsored by diana.

over the 10 years of its outreach, she annually took part in two official events, but the times she informally visited hospitals, where she met and spoke to sick children aided by the charity and their families, were countless.

among the several official events in which princess diana made her appearance are the inauguration of the holiday home in prestwick and the pediatric oncology clinic of the alder hey hospital in liverpool.

malcolm sargent cancer fund for children changed its name to sargent cancer care for children and later turned into clic sargent when the charity merged with clic.

clic sargent is the most prominent charity for children and kids who have cancer and their families. it provides concrete assistance and moral support to help them face the illness and to succeed in coping with life as best as possible. it’s support is constant: from the time the cancer is diagnosed, throughout therapy and in all subsequent stages.

in the past year, the organization’s team of professionals, which counts nurses, social workers and trainers, has given valuable medical, psychological and practical support to more than 6,200 sick children and kids and their families.

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